We are proud to be Tesla Certified Installers for Powerwall 2.    

Harness and store more of your solar power and use it at night!

Hybrid Solar is the use of batteries to store your excess solar power generation for use at night.

Why give the electricity companies your hard-earned solar power for a pittance when you can store it and use it yourself? 

Powerwall 2 features lithium battery storage technology, has a massive 13.2kWh capacity with a 5kW integrated inverter-charger and comes with a 10 year warranty.

Powerwall 2 can be easily integrated into an existing solar power system.  Being an AC-coupled system, it works independently of your existing solar power system which means there is no need for upgrading or changing your existing inverter.


By including the Tesla Backup Gateway, you can have seamless backup power during a blackout.  Your solar and battery system will continue to operate, keeping the lights on!

Remote monitoring via the Tesla app gives you all the info you need to see the results of your hybrid system investment.


Use your solar power at night!


Energy Base can design and install a hybrid system to make the most of your solar and get it working for you 24-7.


Call your 100% local experts today on 49512214 so we can explain the benefits of a hybrid solar + storage system to you.