Solar power can be harnessed at home with your grid-connect solar system, from a folding kit for camping, or for remote area lighting 

Improvements in efficiency and quality as well as large price reductions means solar power is an affordable alternative to coal and diesel-fired and electricity generation

Energy Base has experience in utilising solar power for many applications.

Grid-connect solar is now very mainstream with one in five Australian houses now getting free power from the sun.

Check out this live solar generation map of Australia

Home battery storage in the cities is ready to explode in Australia.  Let us explain to you the benefits of a hybrid solar power system.

For those living long distances from the grid, stand-alone or off-grid solar power is now a cost-effective and reliable alternative to paying for installation of mains power or noisy generator power.

Utilising solar power for your business is an excellent financial decision, which we can demonstrate to you with our sophisticated software.

Solar lighting is a great way that councils harness solar power to provide public lighting for pathways, boat ramps, car parks and more

Your touring, camping and off-road setup is not complete without a solar charging unit.  Enjoy free-camping anywhere with a solar solution from Energy Base.

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